Internationalisering & kwaliteit ronde 2

If the sky is the limit and (national)boundaries can be pushed..

Opbrengst en inzichten

Dans 2: Internationalisering & Kwaliteit

  • Many people joined the lightning assignments (bliksemopdrachten). The ‘boundaries’ were interpretated differently: outside the netherlands, inside the netherlands and in their own school. Within all these boundaries there is a longing of more (inter)cultural exchange: in knowledge, information, people and experience.

  • To get there, there's a need for change in attitude, program structure, in (international) students we attract and (international) lectures who work at this faculty. We need to break through routine and comfort zone’s in the existing program-system:

    • A (more) safe environment where people feel safe to act without judgement and where small steps are promoted BIG
    • In the first and/or second year students need information about internships abroad. This is also the time to enthuse them. 
    • Focus on rolemodels  (both teachers and students) who have international experience and can share their passion and inspire others. 
    • Bridge the gap: Wouldn't it be great if it was normal for all lectures and managers to work abroad for a few months at least one's in their career?
    • We also feel the need for strikt goals, without these goals we are simply not getting there: 
      • every program needs a certain amount of english ECTS (to attract international students and make exchange possible), 
      • a % international teachers (as rolemodel, inspiration and network) 
      • and at least 2 COIL (collaborate online learning course, which is an easy way to invite the outside world in the classroom)

  • There is a strong longing for more space for personal interest in courses/internships and freedom to choose what, when, where. ‘Not all size fits one
  • To go abroad should be easy, accesible and affordable: more possibilities of internships inside and outside the Netherlands should be created (using our network), more finances (grants) and available information (for example international students desk at Laan van Poot / Paralympics trip for the faculty)

  • As a respond on the lightning assignments we received the following email with great idea of creating internships abroad. 

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